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Friday, April 29, 2016

DIY Vanity Makeover

DIY Vanity Makeover
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Is your bathroom begging for an update, but you cannot swing a full remodel right now? You can do a variety small updates to a bathroom that can have amazing results. One update that you may want to do is a simple DIY vanity makeover.

What you will be doing for a DIY vanity makeover is adding a concrete overlay. This is a perfect idea that is actually really inexpensive to do. In fact, the cost is ony going to be about $20. You can find most of your supplies at a local home improvement store. Some supplies you may already have at home.

A DIY vanity makeover will work best on a stone countertop. However, you can add a brand new concrete overlay just about any surface, when it is prepared correctly. Expect to apply three to four coats to get the best results. Once the concrete dries, then you will need to apply a sealer. Instructions to do your own DIY vanity makeover can be found on here...

DIY Vanity Makeover