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Friday, April 29, 2016

Make a 30 Second Whiteboard

Make a 30 Second Whiteboard
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Would you like to have a whiteboard to use at home, but don't want to spend much money? One option is to look for any cheap dollar store items or you can make one yourself as a craft project. This is not hard to do when you know how to make a 30 second whiteboard.

A simple glass picture frame is all you need to make a 30 second whiteboard. This will be an awesome idea for an inexpensive homemade gift. The best thing is, you can typically find suitable frames to use at stores like Walmart that are relatively cheap.

Any type of dry erase markers will work with a 30 second whiteboard. All you will need to do is add a piece of poster board to the frame to create the look of a typical whiteboard. Another idea you might want to try is to add black paper instead of white poster board. The instructions to make your own 30 second whiteboard are on here...

Make a 30 Second Whiteboard