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Friday, June 3, 2016

DIY Water Balloon Pump

DIY Water Balloon Pump
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Are you going to be planning an outside party for kids sometime during the summer? There are various ways that kids can have fun and one that is really fun is playing with water and this means water balloons. If you want an easy way to fill water balloons, then you need to make a DIY water balloon pump.

The best thing about a DIY water balloon pump is you can make more than one. You can have one that will be available for every kid to fill their own water balloons! This will be easier than trying to fill the balloons with a garden hose.

Any empty plastic bottle with a pump can be used to make a DIY water balloon pump. The main thing to keep in mind is the balloon needs to fit over the tip of the pump. This will probably only be an issue for really small balloons though. You can find out how to make a DIY water balloon pump on here...

DIY Water Balloon Pump