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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Terracotta Pot Table

Terracotta Pot Table
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Do you have brand new furniture to use on a deck or patio, but do not have a suitable table? If you do not spend a lot of money for a new table, then a few alternatives are available. One idea that may be perfect is to make a terracotta pot table. 

The best thing about a terracotta pot table is you can also use it for storage. In fact, you can make more than one depending on your needs. All you will need is a large terracotta pot and a saucer. A plastic pot will also work if a terracotta pot is not desired.

You will be using the saucer that is included with the pot for the top of your terracotta pot table. Simply add a little paint if you want to give it a custom look. This is a great way to have a place to sit drinks and to store items when they are not being used. Instructions to make your own terracotta pot table can be found on here...

Terracotta Pot Table