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Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Better Salt Shaker

A Better Salt Shaker
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Do you have a lot of mason jars in the home that are perfect for spices or maybe coffee creamers? You can easily use mason jars for sugar and even salt if you buy them in bulk quantities. This is easy to do with a homemade product like a better salt shaker.

An empty salt container with a pour spout is all you need to make a better salt shaker. The project will require using a utility knife or box cutter as you need to cut the top of the salt shaker. The top will need to fit snugly on the inside of a mason jar lid.

There are many products that you can use with a better salt shaker. You can even make a spice rack for your kitchen as a DIY project. The ring of the canning lid helps keep the top secure and means is can be used for different types of products. Instructions to make a better salt shaker are available on here...

A Better Salt Shaker