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Monday, July 18, 2016

Clay Pot Lighthouse

Clay Pot Lighthouse
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Are you in need of a decorative element to put in the garden or maybe for the front of your house? Making a garden feature or decoration as a DIY project is an ideal solution. There are many options that could be ideal for you to try like a clay pot lighthouse.

Making a clay pot lighthouse is not hard to do and only requires a few basic materials. You will need a supply of terracotta pots and some adhesive. A bit of paint will be needed too, if you want to have it be a custom creation. A small LED light can even be added to the top of the lighthouse.

All of the materials you will need to make a clay pot lighthouse can be found at a home improvement store or a local hardware store. The adhesive you will need can be found at these stores too or you can order some online from Amazon. Instructions to make a clay pot lighthouse can be found on here...

Clay Pot Lighthouse