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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

DIY Bottle Opener

DIY Bottle Opener
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Do you like finding ways to use scrap wood left over from previous projects? There are many ideas for you to try depending on what you want or might need. If you use a bottle opener for beverages, then an excellent idea for a project is a DIY bottle opener.

The best thing about a DIY bottle opener is it can easily be attached to a wall or the side of a table. You might even want to make one to use with an outdoor beverage station. The bottle opener will have a container for caps that you can empty when full.

Cedar will be the best type of wood to use for a DIY bottle opener as it will not rot. You can even stain the wood or paint it to match the look or a deck or patio. Wood glue and finish nails will be used to attach the pieces of wood for this project. Instructions to make a DIY bottle opener are available on here...

DIY Bottle Opener