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Sunday, July 31, 2016

DIY Beach Bag Towel

DIY Beach Bag Towel
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Do you carry a beach bag on a trip to keep all your towels and supplies? Packing a beach bag is not the best solution for everyone as there are better options available. If you have a few basic supplies, then a terrific DIY project to do is make a DIY beach bag towel.

There is not a lot of effort that is required to make a DIY beach bag towel. In fact, you just need a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. The materials you need include a couple of beach towels or a couple of bathroom towels and an old pillow. Think of this project as a way to upcycle.

The best thing about being able to make a DIY beach bag towel is you are abel to add a lot of features. A new towel bag for the beach could include extra pockets or anything else you can think to add. Instructions to make a DIY beach bag towel can be found on here...

DIY Beach Bag Towel