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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Noodley Beverage Boat

Noodley Beverage Boat
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Are you planning a tubing trip or just want to have fun in a pool? One thing that you may not have is a good way to keep beverages handy. Sure, you can keep a cooler nearby if you have one to use. A better option is to make a noodley beverage boat.

A noodley beverage boat is super easy to make as a summer DIY project. You only need a few materials and an hour or less to put one together. All the materials you will need can be found at most dollar stores, if you do not have them available.

A bit of rope, a pool noodle, and a plastic bin are all you need to make a noodley beverage boat. Attach the pieces together and it is ready to use in a pool or other body of water. Fill it with ice and then add the beverages of choice for a relaxing afternoon. Instructions to make your own noodley beverage boat are on here...

Noodley Beverage Boat