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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

DIY Outdoor Coffee Table

DIY Outdoor Coffee Table
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Do you have some scrap wood you would like to use for a project, like an outdoor table? There are lots of table designs you can use depending on the size. If you need a table to use on a deck or patio, then a DIY outdoor coffee table may be ideal.

You have the option to build a DIY outdoor coffee table from almost any type of lumber. This is why a selection of scrap wood can be used. Just make sure you measure and cut the wood to the length that is required for the project.

Assembling your DIY outdoor coffee table should be done using screws. This means you need to use a power drill. The screws you need can be purchased at a hardware store or a home improvement store if you do not have any. Another thing to keep in mind is whether to add paint or stain to the table. Instructions to build your own DIY outdoor coffee table are on here...

DIY Outdoor Coffee Table