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Monday, July 4, 2016

Tin Can Windsock

Tin Can Windsock
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Are you in need of decorations to display for the 4th of July? There is no need to spend lots of money to have something you might not use all that often. A cheaper solution is to make your own. Something that is super easy to do and also patriotic is a tin can windsock.

Making a tin can windsock is really easy to do by yourself or with a group of kids. You can use various sizes of tin cans to create a simple windsock. Small soup cans will be perfect as you might already have some you can use.

The tin cans for the tin can windsock can be painted any color you want. Blue is a good color for the base of windsock as it will be perfect to add stars. You can use paint or simply apply stickers that come in the shape of stars. Stickers can be found at any dollar store. Instructions to make your own tin can windsock are on here...

Tin Can Windsock