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Thursday, July 14, 2016

PVC Sprinkler Water Toy

PVC Sprinkler Water Toy
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Now that kids are off for summer break, you may need things for them to do outside. There will be lots of activities you can do depending on the weather and what you have available. If you want to do a fun activity with water, then you need something like a PVC sprinkler water toy.

The best thing about a PVC sprinkler water toy is it is lightweight and can be setup almost anywhere a garden hose can reach. All you need is a few pieces of PVC pipe for this project. You can easily get the pieces you need at any home improvement store. You may also want some PVC glue.

A power drill will be an important tool to make a PVC sprinkler water toy. Mister jets can be added for a misting effect, but a stream of water will work fine too. Just make sure you have a connector that fits a standard garden hose. Instructions to make a super fun PVC water sprinkler toy are on here...

PVC Sprinkler Water Toy