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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

7 Ways To Reuse Coffee Cans

7 Ways To Reuse Coffee Cans

Do you like to find ways to reuse items that most people would simply throw in the trash? A coffee can is an item that fits this description that easily be used in lots of different ways. You just need to make a list of ways to reuse coffee cans.

One thing to keep in mind when you are looking at various ways to reuse coffee cans is that some can be made of metal, but most are plastic. Metal coffee cans will be great to have for making holiday lanterns, and those that are made of plastic are perfect for storage.

We have complied a list of ways to reuse coffee cans so you can get some inspiration.
Storage for Crafts

Make Decorated Vases

DIY Pedestal/Cake Stand

Coffee Can Lanterns

Homemade Holiday Containers

Coffee Can Coin Bank

Hanging Coffee Can Planters

Do you have some clever ways to reuse coffee cans around the home. We would love to see your ideas on our Facebook page.