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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Make A T-Shirt Blanket

Make A T-Shirt Blanket
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Are you interested in ways you can upcycle items like a fleece blanket and old t-shirts? One option you may want to consider is making something useful for yourself or to have to use as a gift. You can easily make a t-shirt blanket as a DIY craft project.

A large section of fleece or other material and a variety of t-shirts will be used to make a t-shirt blanket. You also need a sewing machine and a good supply of thread. Scissors and a piece of cardboard are crucial to have on hand too. Something else you may want to have for his project is pins.

The first step to make a t-shirt blanket will be to prepare all of your t-shirts by cutting out a squire. This can be done with the scissors and by making a pattern from the cardboard. You will then need to sew all of the squares together and then attach the fleece. Instructions to make a t-shirt blanket can be found on here...