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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DIY Emoji Mason Jars

DIY Emoji Mason Jars
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Are you looking for fun projects to do with small mason jars or baby food jars? Glass jars are good to use as easy storage for pencils and any kind of small items. However, plain glass jars are not much fun. You need to add a creative touch my making emoji mason jars.

The process to make a set of emoji mason jars is actually pretty easy. You just need is some yellow acrylic paint and a few colored sharpies. This project is not as messy as you may think because all of the jars will be coated with paint on the inside and not the outside.

You do not even need a paint brush to create your own emoji mason jars. All you need to do is create a fun emoji face by using different colored sharpies. However, you may need to look online to find some emoji examples to recreate. Instructions to make some emoji mason jars can be found on here…

DIY Emoji Mason Jars