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Thursday, September 29, 2016

DIY Ribbon Bookmark

DIY Ribbon Bookmark
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Do you like to make crafts as gifts or just like to make things to use yourself? Crafts can be made from all types of materials that include fabrics and even buttons. Something that you can make at home without a lot of effort is a DIY ribbon bookmark.

Anyone who likes to read books. probably uses a piece of paper or similar object as a bookmark. A fun DIY ribbon bookmark might be a great gift idea. All you need is a few supplies and the materials. This will include ribbons, buttons, and sewing supplies. A big supply of buttons can be found on Amazon.

There are many ways for you to design a DIY ribbon bookmark. You can make one that is personalized or is a custom design. The best thing is you will be deciding what you want to make. Something that may help you when getting started is to make a list of really fun and creative ideas. Instructions to make your own DIY ribbon bookmark on here…

DIY Ribbon Bookmark