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Sunday, September 11, 2016

DIY Indoor-Outdoor Bowling Lane

DIY Indoor-Outdoor Bowling Lane
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Are you familiar with games that are found at arcades, like a ball toss or maybe miniature bowling? An assortment of these games can easily be made as a DIY project to play indoors and outdoors. One idea to do as a weekend project is make DIY indoor-outdoor bowling lane.

The key to making a DIY indoor-outdoor bowling lane is finding miniature bowling pins. You need to look online for what you need on sites like Amazon. The next step will be to build a frame by using a few pieces of wood. Scrap wood will be ideal, if you have any that you can use.

Your DIY indoor-outdoor bowling lane will need a wooden ball to strike the pins. A baseball is also an option, depending on what you have available. The best part is you get to add all sorts of decorative elements to your bowling lane, if you want something personalized. Instructions to make a DIY indoor-outdoor bowling lane are on here…