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Saturday, September 10, 2016

DIY Rainbow Crayon Holder

DIY Rainbow Crayon Holder
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Would you like a way to keep items like crayons organized by color so looking at colors in a box is not necessary? A simple way to do this is to use an organization station. If you like to find ways to upcycle, then making a DIY rainbow crayon holder is a perfect idea.

All you need to make a DIY rainbow crayon holder is a few tin cans or similar container. Craft paper will be needed too, if you want to make something that is personalized. The base for a the crayon holder will be a small shelf or a short length of scrap wood.

The tin cans for your DIY rainbow crayon holder can be secured to the wood with glue. Bolts and nuts are a good option too if you have a power drill handy. One thing to keep in mind is to add craft paper to your cans that matches the color of the crayons. Instructions to make a DIY rainbow crayon holder can be found on here…