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Thursday, September 15, 2016

DIY Lace Privacy Screen

DIY Lace Privacy Screen
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Are you tired of adjusting your window blinds or closing a set of curtains to have privacy in your home? You have a lot of other options available, if you do not want to have any blinds or curtains. A great option as a craft project is to make a DIY lace privacy screen.

Making a DIY lace privacy screen is not hard to do, but details will be important. You need to use a ruler or a tape measure to get the correct dimensions of your window. The dimensions will be used to cut lace to make a privacy screen.

You can make a DIY lace privacy screen for a large window or one that has multiple panes of glass. A homemade paste will be used to adhere the lace to the glass. This is a simple way to give a room some privacy and am updated look without spending a lot of money. Instructions to make a DIY lace privacy screen are available on here…

DIY Lace Privacy Screen