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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Make A Homemade Ice Bucket

Make A Homemade Ice Bucket
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Do you get tired of having to get more ice out of the freezer when you want to keep drinks cold? One way to avoid this problem is to have an ice bucket. handy. If you do not have one available, then you can just make a homemade ice bucket as a DIY project.

Making a homemade ice bucket will be simple and even fun to do. The best part is, you can make an ice bucket from an empty paint can. Just make sure it has been washed thoroughly first. The next thing to do is decide how you want to decorate it.

Your homemade ice bucket can be painted or covered with paper. Wrapping paper will be ideal for this project if you want to make one as a gift. A bit of spray adhesive is all you will need to adhere paper to the outside of the paint can. Instructions to make your own homemade ice bucket are on here…