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Friday, October 21, 2016

DIY T-Shirt Pillows

DIY T-Shirt Pillows
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Do you have a lot of old t-shirts that you no longer wear or you have just collected over the years? You may find that reusing them is a better option than giving them away or throwing them out. If you want to be creative, then make some DIY t-shirt pillows.

Making your own custom DIY t-shirt pillows is not that hard to do. However, you will need to have an assortment of tools including a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. You also need a pattern that is the size of pillow you want to make.

The best thing about DIY t-shirt pillows is they can be any size and shape. This means you can make a pillow that is a custom gift or something to use in your living room or in a spare bedroom. You will not be spending a lot of money to make these pillows either. Instructions to make your own DIY t-shirt pillows are available on here…

DIY T-Shirt Pillows