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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Maple Tree Leaf Globe

Maple Tree Leaf Globe
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Do you like snow globes that are used as decorations around Christmas, but want to have something for the fall season? There are many ideas that you can use, but a simple project may be perfect. What you need to do is make a maple tree leaf globe.

Making a maple tree leaf globe is really easy to do. A mason jar will be used for the globe and you need to have a twig or a small stick for the tree. The maple leaves will be a simple confetti. One thing that you are going to need for this project is hot glue.
A maple tree leaf globe will be filled with water, but it will not leak. The reason is the lid is glued on the mason jar. This means you can display the globe on a shelf or a table. Simply shake it a bit to see all of the confetti swirl around the tree. Instructions to make your own maple tree leaf globe are on here…

Maple Tree Leaf Globe