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Friday, October 14, 2016

Halloween Moon Light Decoration

Halloween Moon Light Decoration
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Do you like making your own decorations for Halloween? There are many awesome ideas that you can use depending on the materials you have available. If you have an old globe light fixture, then you may want to make a DIY Halloween moon light decoration.

The process to make a DIY Halloween moon light decoration is not hard to do. One thing that will be a crucial detail is making the globe appear like the moon when it is lit. This can be done with paint that is putty colored. You will be using a sponge painting process for this part.

A LED light will be used as the illumination for your DIY Halloween moon light decoration. These are easy to find on sites like Amazon. The last step of the project is to add an image like a witch or another Halloween image to display. Just turn it on at night to show it off. Instructions to make a Halloween moon light decoration are on here…