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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mason Jar Mummy Lanterns
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Are you looking for some spooky decorations to display in your home for Halloween? The best thing to do is to make your own, as it is a whole lot cheaper and will be a lot more fun too. A perfect idea is to make a set of mason jar mummy lanterns as a craft project.
Making your own mason jar mummy lanterns is actually really easy to do. You just need to have mason jars of various sizes and a few other supplies. The key is to use gauze or muslin fabric so you can make some cute or even scary looking mummies.
Modge podge will also be important to have when you want to make mason jar mummy lanterns. A LED light is used to make the mason jar light up in the dark. Another thing you should keep in mind is what you are going to use as the eyes for your mummy. Instructions to make mason jar mummy lanterns at home are on here…

Mason Jar Mummy Lanterns